FULL COVERAGE | LPGA Cognizant Founder Cup | Day Two

FULL COVERAGE | LPGA Cognizant Founder Cup | Day Two

Hitting the Ball Fat!

Hitting the ball fat is not as common as the slice, but it can be just as frustrating. As with all golf swing mechanics, once you know what you are doing wrong, you can begin working on correcting it.

Start Playing Golf

Although it’s easy to find golf tips for beginners on the Internet, many articles and books skip over a few areas that are important for new golfers. Here a few of the lesser-known golf tips for beginners.

The Instant Benefits of a Golf Swing Trainer

No matter what level golfer you are, you can improve your game by practicing with a golf swing trainer. The training club will help to correct the errors in your swing and should begin to notice a marked improvement in your game after only a few hours of practice.

Golf Driving Tips Guru

I’ve been playing golf for many years. Along with yourself, I love the game and really enjoy being out on the course with my friends anytime I can ( depending on when I can avoid mowing the lawn and DIY ) I am always researching ideas on how to improve my golf driving and so came up with the idea of writing this article to share the tips I have collected over the years.

Simple Stretches Suitable to Shape Up For Golf

It is important to be fit and keep in shape for golf. Stretching exercises should be incorporated into your weekly fitness routine as well as done before the game to prevent injury and after a game to release lactic acid which builds up in muscles when worked.

Starting the Game Late? Read These Golf Tips to Avoid Costly “Senior Golfers” Technique

Finding golf tips for senior golfers can feel like digging for gold. 1000’s of articles or blog posts and web pages are devoted to younger golfers, but senior golfers regularly seem to be left out of the loop. We’ve put together some simple but efficient golf guidelines for senior golfers who are brand-new to the game.

Golf Cart Accessories

When playing golf there is a vast choice of equipment, and even the golf cart has many different accessorizes. You will need to decide which ones are essential for your game and which ones you can live without. Some are great and have amazing practical value; others are a little pointless but can be fun.

Buying a Golf Cart

If you have spent any amount of time on the golf course, then you have almost certainly considered buying your own golf cart at one time or another. Owning your own golf cart can not only represent a major savings of money for some more serious players, but is also an opportunity to customize your golf experience to a great degree.

Buy Used Golf Clubs – What to Know First

If you are a fairly new golfer you may want to buy used golf clubs as a way to stretch your dollar further, while still improving your game with better equipment. Without changing anything but your clubs, you can significantly change your game. Properly determining the shaft flex rating you need, the loft best for you, and the shaft length will go a long way in improving your score.

Play Golf in Comfortable and Fashionable Clothes

Whenever it comes to sports, you have to choose the most comfortable outfits, but you should also care about your image before and after a golf match. Here are some pieces of clothing you might want to take into consideration.

Simple Steps to Improve Your Golf Swing

Improving your swing is one of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of the game of golf. Professionals spend a lifetime perfecting their technique and the range of advice and opinions on golf swings can be confusing at the best of times. However, if your main objective is to just get more enjoyment out of your game, improving your swing is just a simple matter of getting the mechanics right.

Water – The Golf Ball’s Worst Enemy, Yet Your Best Friend

Did you know that your body is composed of 25% solid matter and 75% water? Also, did you know that your brain is made up of 85% of water and if dehydration sets in you can have decreased amounts of blood flow to the brain causing a serious lapse in the mental game?

Club Car Golf Carts

When playing golf you need to know that you are using the best equipment available on the course. When you are first starting out you never know where your balls may end up and using a golf cart can save you a great deal of effort trying to find them. Golf carts come in a vast range of styles and varieties and one the best you can buy is the Club Car golf cart.

How to Choose the Best Golf Irons – The Cleveland Irons

What are the finest golf irons to use if you are new to the game of golf and are looking forward to choosing the best set of golf irons for your grade of skill when you go out onto the golf course, there are three alternative things you need to examine? There are fat and thin club head designs for irons, normally the fatter the head is then the more forgiving it is and the better it is for the apprentice.

Switch Your Grip to Fix Your Arm

Everyone has heard the term “flying right elbow”, but when we have heard that phrase it has never been used as a term of endearment. The flying right elbow could be one of the worst faults in the golf swing because so many faults occur when the right arm becomes disconnected in the swing.

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